Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), creates a partnership between farmers and members from the local community. The members provide financial support to the farmers by purchasing a share at the beginning of the growing season. In return, the farmers provides fresh, locally grown products throughout the growing season. CSA members have the satisfaction of knowing where their food comes from and the opportunity to enjoy delicious produce that is grown with great care. The partnership between farmer and member is strengthened through volunteer opportunities, farm gatherings, newsletters, and member feedback.


The CSA model is built on trust. You as a member trust us to do our best to supply you with a bounty of fresh, wholesome, organic produce. We feel a great sense of responsibility toward our members and pledge to do everything we can to ensure this abundance. The nature of farming is unpredictable and catastrophic losses are possible. In any given year, certain crops are going to do well and others may not. There are many ways that we as farmers can help mitigate risks. These include growing multiple plantings of a diversity of crops, as well as making use of tools such as irrigation, greenhouses, and refrigeration. Probably the most important way we can mitigate risk is by continually working to improve the condition of the land. A healthy soil produces quality crops more consistently and is much more resilient to variable weather patterns than is an impoverished soil. CSA is a great way to get connected with your food, with the land, and with your community. By sharing in the risks and rewards of farming, you are helping to provide a stable foundation for local farmers. This will allow us to continue to take care of the land and to grow healthy food for the local community for many years to come. 


What is CSA?